Aircraft Management

Aircraft Management:
If you aren’t sure what to do with your aircraft (Jet Prop/Jet) and wanted to review a few choices available to do and the benefits of each, we have quite the “Dream Team” experienced with Dry Lease, Part 91 and Part 135 Management Options to consider.  No cost to you, we offer a complimentary consultation, and then you have a bunch of valuable information to make the right prudent decision as to what you do with your Aircraft.  Kindly contact me to schedule a consultation with our team.  

Part 91 Management:
The Jet Network (TJN) team now offers comprehensive PART 91 management services to help make the aircraft ownership experience easier than ever.  With turn key operational support no matter where you fly, transparent accounting with detailed monthly reporting and deep industry relationships that save you money, helping you figure out what the right management approach that helps you to maximize your aircraft's value.

Part 135 Management:
If you're interested in offsetting ownership expenses through charter, we'll be there to help you select the right 135 operator/partner, negotiate favorable terms, manage the aircraft's charter use, and provide hands on management support that includes both operational and account auditing on your behalf.

Dry Lease Option:
​Whether you fly a large jet or a small turboprop aircraft, The Jet Network (TJN) has you covered with the right experience and relationships to help you get the most out of the aircraft ownership experience.  Dry-Leasing your aircraft to up to an estimated 4-5 various clients, may offer the best path forward depending on your goals, while you still get to enjoy utilizing your own aircraft for various personal and business trips.  If you'd like to offset operational costs without charter, we also offer innovative fractional leasing options for your aircraft to reduce your costs up to 75% while still maintaining the value of your aircraft.